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have announce a new high end 700 series of their hit nüvi personal navigation devices (PNDs). These are broadly similar to the 600 series, but with a 200-series-style embedded antenna rather than the 300- and 600-series-style flip-up, and 1/10″ shaved off the height and thickness for a very slim package. Pricing looks similar to the 600 series.

As with most of the nüvi series, there is a base 750 model with US maps and no Bluetooth, a 760 that adds Bluetooth cell phone dialing and speakerphone, and a 770 with Bluetooth and US/Europe maps.

One nice new feature is that the nüvi will automatically set a waypoint when you remove it from the car cradle, eliminating the “dude, where’s my car?” problem.

are supplying the maps as usual for Garmin, and although they are using other chip suppliers for some of their lower end units, these premium units of course use the unmatched GPS chipset.

As with all the nüvis these new units will work great with our ski resort trail maps, just by inserting an with the maps. The usual caveat applies of keeping the nüvi dry and in a jacket pocket that will keep it from getting too cold.

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