SnowRanger Uplink

The SnowRanger Uplink is currently offline while we update our tools and this website during the off-season. Check back in the Fall for our all-new track upload and analysis suite.

The rest of this website is available as usual, and any SnowRanger for Garmin GPS ski resort trail map purchases between now and the start of the new season will qualify for a free upgrade to new 2007-08 editions as soon as they are posted.

You can also upload ski tracks in GPX and Magellan LOC file formats as usual here.

While you are out skiing or snowboarding with your Garmin® or Magellan® GPS it records a “breadcrumb” track of where you go, including your elevation. When you get back to your PC you can upload this track to our website and view where you went, and see your performance statistics such a vertical feet skied, average and maximum speeds, and miles covered. You can also share them (if you want) with the rest of our website community.

If you have a Magellan GPS you can use the Magellan MapSend® software on your PC to read the track from your GPS, then save it as a Magellan LOG file or a standard GPX file. You can then upload the GPS file to our website here

If you have a Garmin GPS, the SnowRanger Uplink is a small program that you can run on your Windows® PC that lets you upload the track directly from your GPS. See this importantFAQ about saving tracks on Garmin GPSes.

If you have existing tracks stored in the standard GPX file format, you may upload themhere.

The SnowRanger Uplink is different program than our SnowRanger Maps which may be downloaded to your Magellan or Garmin GPS and used while you are skiing/snowboarding. The SnowRanger Uplink may be downloaded and used free of charge, although you do need to register as a user of this site.

The two pieces-the Maps and the Uplink-are obviously designed to complement each other, enhancing your experience both during and after your day on the mountain, even though each can be used entirely seperately.